How To Draw A Face: For Mathematicians

I’m starting this new series on my YouTube channel of “how to” videos that I describe as being for mathematicians. This is just a silly term I use because the basics of drawing can actually be distilled down to something more technical in nature and is easily done with some super simple geometry.

If you’re going for a more natural looking piece of art all you have to do is add more organic, curving lines that match up to the person or thing you are drawing. These videos are meant only to give you the basic placement of an “average” person and will vary from person to person (or if you have a different personal style). Let me know if you like this first video and I will do more like it for those of you trying to learn the fundamentals of drawing.

Above is a link to the sketchbook I used if you’re curious. And one for a similar pen I really like. Let me know if you have any questions!

J Winsor

Mixed media artist and illustrator and portrait artist. Aspiring character designer for the entertainment industry.

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