Commission Details

If you are interested in buying a commissioned piece of art from me please read this entirely.


1. I only do portraits. This means no full body shots, pets, environments, or anything else. Portraiture is my passion and it is what I like to focus on.
2. I will need one high quality photograph (meaning the image size must more than 1200 pixels on its shortest side and not blurry or too dark/light). iPhone photos may be usable if there was proper lighting used, but a photograph from a real camera is much preferred.
3. I am not willing to alter the pose of someone for the art. I like to work very close to realistic so please provide a photograph of the exact pose you want me to draw.
4. Backgrounds cost extra. An extra $10 for any kind of background. This is mainly because I love to spend all my time drawing a person, and I like the look of portraits with plain backgrounds.
5. Commissions do not include the physical copy of the artwork. I will send you a very high quality digital file, without any watermark on it when the piece is done. However, if you want the physical artwork mailed to you we can discuss other pricing and shipping options.
6. You are not allowed to remove my signature from the work and when possible you must credit me as the artist.
7. No alterations of any kind allowed to the finished artwork. You can post it on social media wherever you want, but you are not allowed to add any digital alterations (excluding: Instagram filters).
8. I keep all rights to use the finished artwork for self promotional purposes in my portfolio and on social media (unless we discuss something else privately). It’s up to you if you want me to add any kind of link to you as the model or if you prefer to remain anonymous.

Important: I reserve to the right to at any time refuse a commission without providing a reason. Most of the time, however, I will try to communicate with you any concerns I have before beginning a commission. But if I get too busy or something about the portrait makes me uncomfortable, I may say no. (But this is really rare, and probably won’t affect you at all.)

Commission Types:

Type 1: Black and White– All portraits completed in traditional media on high quality, archival paper. Black and white portraits are done with charcoal on paper. $50.00 (For a limited time!)

Type 2: Color– I mainly use watercolors, ink, and colored pencils to complete my color portraits. $80.00


I accept payment through PayPal. Full payment required up front. Payment plans can be discussed on a case by case basis. You will be contacted at each step of the drawing process (the sketch phase, shading phase, and after the final touches have been added) to ensure your complete satisfaction.

I hope this answers any questions you might have! And if you’re on DeviantArt I do commissions on there also.

J Winsor

Mixed media artist and illustrator and portrait artist. Aspiring character designer for the entertainment industry.

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